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Our new bases complement Cubby Shakers presenting attractive stands with cork stoppers. This base is made with Merbau Hardwood Decking timber with a wooden handle and corks that offer additonal stability when carrying around indoor and outdoor areas. Sitting Cubby Shakers on the corks offer additional humidity free benefits.


This one is for wood lovers. There is a choice of handle designs; timber or galvanised.


Receive FREE refills Sachets - 60g Grainy Himalayan Salt & 30g Kibble Aussie Pepper with every Cubby Shaker Set.


Cubby shakers are fun and easy to use. Simply shake up and down, not upside down.

The only hole is inside of the shaker, not on top of the lid, so your ingredients will stay fresh, dry, and insect free.

Is this the World's First Humidity-Busting, Anti-Clogging Salt, Pepper & Spice Shaker?

Cubby Rebound Shaker No. 2.0 is the invention with the intention to put healthy unrefined salt on everyone's table, and in everyone’s body. The simple rebound technique, eliminates clumping salt and challenging grinding mechanisms.


Suitable for unrefined salt, pepper, seeds, spices, sprinkles & more,



Moisture/Humidity clogging up


Easy to use Instructions:

1. Half fill the glass jar with your chosen ingredient.

2. Screw the funnel into the jar like a lid.

3. Turn the shaker over so the glass is at the top and the plastic funnel is at the bottom. This is how it sites on your table.

4. It's ready to use. Simply shake up and down, not upside down. The contents rebound off the top of the shaker, a portion of the contents will fall down through the hole at the the top of the inner funnel, and onto your plate.


As there are no holes at the top of the shaker so contents stay fresh and dry.


Suitable for salt, pepper, seeds, spices, sprinkles & more. (anything up to a 3mm particle)


A country cottage design, easy grip with No challenging grinding mechanism.


*Tip - Sit Cubby Shakers on the bench/table with the glass jar up and the funnel base sitting down on the table to seal against moisture, insects and spillage.


Best to not shake over a boiling pot as moisture will enter through the funnel. Try shaking the required amount of salt into your hand and throwing into the pot. If your salt does happen to get damp, simply empty the shaker, place salt in the sun to dry out, refill the shaker and start again.


Materials: A glass jar with a polycarbonate funnel. Dishwasher Safe.

Handwash the base.


Cubby Shakers and Bases are proudly designed by Sharyn Cook and made in Australia.

Set of 2 x Cubby Shakers with a Merbau Timber Base

GST Included
Shaker Colour: Grey

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