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Supreme quality, electrolysing, mineral rich, delicious Himalayan salt is the perfect variety and texture of salt for using in Cubby Rebound Shakers.


Did you Know...Salt and Water fuel the bodies electrolite system supporting the elimination of toxic waste.


Grainy Himalayan Salt is an excellent texture for table use. Suitable for using in Cubby Shakers and/or salt bathing. Also suitable to make the Sole Solution.


Himalayan Salt is mined from an ancient Indian sea bed that was pushed up to form the Himalayan Mountains. The extreme pressure over millions of years has created the finest molecule of any salt crystal. This means it is easy to absorb minerals in the salt into our body at a cellular level, and our body can easier eliminate the sodium = less fluid retention.

100% Himalayan Crystal Salt, mineral rich, unrefined, no added anti caking agents.

Grainy Himalayan Salt Refills

GST Included

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