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  • What are Cubby Shakers?
    Cubby Shakers are condiment dispensers used in Western culture that are designed to allow diners to distribute grains of edible salt and ground peppercorns. ​
  • What can you put in Cubby Shakers?
    Any salt, pepper, seed, grain, spice or blend with a texture up to 2mm -3mm. The inspiration behind designing CUBBY Shakers was to create a solution to sticky salt and dried out pepper, however they work successfully for many other ingredients.
  • Watch this fun demonstration from our launch on the 'Plugapalooza' segment on 7 News, Sunrise Breakfast Show
    Click on link: ​
  • What is so different about Cubby Shakers?
    Cubby Shakers eliminate issues of moisture and clumping just by sitting them onto cork bases, on the table. ​ The hole is inside so your ingredients stay fresh, dry and insect free.
  • How do you operate Cubby Shakers?
    A simple rebound technique offers an option to using grinding mechanisms. Simply shake up and down. The contents rebound off the top of the jar, and fall down through the funnel, onto the plate. ​ CUBBY SHAKERS are suitable for dispensing fine to granular textures of salt, pepper, seeds, spices, sprinkles & more. Up to 2mm textures. ​
  • Where are Cubby Shakers made?
    Our Cubby Funnel is made in Sydney, Australia. ​ The Cork Bases are handmade on the Sunshine Coast. ​
  • What Not To Do.
    As with any shaker or grinder, it's good practice 'NOT' to shake or grind over steaming pots. This would result in moisture entering the vessel. Pinch pots are a much better choice next to hot plates. Cubby Shakers are designed to use on table service areas. Simply shaker up and down, not upside down.
  • What People Are Saying.
    What Customers Are Saying. 6/10/23, 3:37 pm Customer Service, Quality, Selection A unique product well done. We love our Cubby Shaker, will definitely purchase others for family gifts. Hello there, we met you at Eumundi and purchased, we love our shakers and have ordered more. Look forward to our parcel. Thank You. Hope it’s going well for you. Cheers Tanya Tanya Millward Okay Thanks…I’m happy with the grey metal colour…all good! My Stepsister purchased some and raves about them so hence my enquiry! Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. Kaylene Vanderwolf Morning Sharyn, is there any chance I could grab some shakers off you today? I ended up gifting all mine! One day I’ll have to get around and get some more for myself!!xx Paula Bok I received my order today. So darn impressed. I’ve placed another order for heaps more. Everyone is getting a set! Dinah Jacob That's Genius! Koshie - Morning Breakfast Show
  • What if my shaker is hard to open?
    We have had one case of this to date. This lady was using her salt shaker by the stove and using it to shake over steaming pots. We recommend not to do this. Pinch pots for salt is a much better option next to hot plates. Of coarse moisture got up into the funnel and moistened her salt so much that after time she had trouble opening the shaker because the salt had hardened around the thread. If this ever happens (and it shouldn't), the simple solution is to sit your salt shaker in a quarter cup of hot water for just a few seconds. This will quickly dissolve any hardened salt residue around the thread and you can then easily open your salt shaker. 😊
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