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Where Does the Name Cubby Rebound Shakers Come From?

After days pondering on a name, the word Cubby literally popped into my head early one morning. I looked up the definition of Cubby in the Encarta Dictionary: 1. small area - a small space or room. 2. storage compartment - a small storage compartment. PERFECT! I went with that.

What are the Size dimensions and weight of Cubby Shakers?

Cubby Rebound shaker dimensions are 7.5cm high x 6.1cm diameter (Approx. 3in high x 2.4in diameter) and they weigh approximately 59gms (2.08oz). As a guide, Cubby Shakers hold 90g of salt and 40g of pepper.

Do Cubby Rebound Shakers clog up?

No. With everyday use Cubby Shakers does not harbour any moisture, however within trials, like any other shaker or grinder, when used above steaming pots there is opportunity for moisture to get inside the shaker. If the flow is ever compromised, simply dry the inside of the shaker.

Are Cubby Shakers Just for Himalayan Salt?

Cubby Rebound Shakers can be used for more than Himalayan Salt, Any salt can be used. Cubby Rebound Shakers are also suitable for dispensing pepper, and many other dried herbs and spices. We recommend dry textures, between 1 to 2mm will work best.

Where Can You Deliver?

We can send orders to any work, home or PO Box address in Australia.

Do You Ship Internationally?

Yes. Please contact us in the first instance if you would like to place an order for delivery outside of Australia.