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Discover the latest humidity free rebound shaker.

Cubby Rebound Shaker 2.0


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Cubby Shakers eliminate issues of moisture and clumping just by sitting them on the table.

The hole is inside so your ingredients stay fresh, dry and insect free.


Easy to use! 

A simple rebound technique offers an option to using grinding mechanisms.

Simply shake up and down. The contents rebound off the top of the jar, and fall down through the funnel, onto the plate.

CUBBY SHAKERS are suitable for dispensing fine to granular textures of

salt, pepper, seeds, spices, sprinkles & more.


Cubby Rebound Shaker is the invention with the intention to put healthy unprocessed salt on everyone's table, and in everyone’s body.

Remember...Salt & Water fuel our electrolytes. Choosing unprocessed table salt offers valuable mineral replenishment.

The Cubby Shaker was invented by Sharyn Cook who lives at Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.  


Our Cubby Funnel is Made in Australia. ​

How to use Cubby Shakers

Watch this fun snip from our launch on the 'Plugapalooza' segment

on 7 News, Sunrise Breakfast Show

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The purpose of me designing the Cubby Shaker is to encourage people to choose healthier choices of table salt.


Cubby Shakers work successfully to dispense unprocessed options of salt that have not been stripped of minerals, bleached, or had anti caking agents added. 

I am passionate about promoting Himalayan Salt because of the  benefits we receive from it's fine molecule that allows our body to replenish 84 minerals into a cellular level.


Salt contains crystalized sun energy that fuels our electrolyte system, and due to it's finest molecule, our body can easier absorb the minerals, and process the salt aiding against fluid retention.


And...on top of all that, it tastes DELICIOUS!


Did you know?... Pepper stimulates the digestive system.

This is why, for many centuries, Salt & Pepper has taken pride of place on the dining table.

Salt is born of the purest parents, the Sun and the Sea.


​*Note - In the dictionary Cubby means,

'A Small Storage Compartment'.

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