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Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

Cubby Bags and Sacks

Hessian is a texture that looks at home in any décor. From the industrial look to a Country or Beach House style, the natural look of hessian is versatile and timeless. I am happy to present, my new collection of Hessian Cubby bags, designed to use, and reuse, over and over again, instead of plastic bags.

I grew up at Gatton, in the Lockyer Valley, Queensland. We grew fruit and vegetables and had chickens in the backyard. I remember endless supplies of fresh, seasonal, vegetables piled up on the back veranda from our garden, and from family and friends who worked on neighboring farms. Produce was always shared around. I recall Mum sending me out in the evenings to the large hessian potato sack on the back verandah to get potatoes to cook for dinner most nights. My Father had, and still has, a pile of empty potato sacks in his shed constantly finding good use for them around the house. 

You may have similar memories.

I guess there lies my appreciation for hessian.

The look, smell and feel of hessian is a reminder of memories from my childhood.

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"Happy Days"

Sharyn Cook

• Designer of Cubby •

Did you know...

In the dictionary the word Cubby means 

A small storage compartment

Cubby Shakers

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Special 2 shakers for $25 plus free salt
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Cubby shakers keep your ingredients dry. They seal just by sitting them on the table. 

The only hole is inside so your ingredients stay fresh and insect free.

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Is this the World's First Humidity-Busting

Anti-Clogging Salt, Pepper & Spice Shaker?


The Cubby Rebound Shaker is the invention with the intention to put healthy unrefined salt in every one’s body. A simply rebound technique, eliminating clumping salt and challenging grinding mechanisms. Suitable for unrefined salt, pepper, seeds, spices, sprinkles & more.



Moisture/Humidity clogging up

Easy to fill. Open lid and fill around inner funnel.

Easy to use. Simply shake up and down.

There are no holes at the top so contents stay fresh.

Suitable for salt, pepper, seeds, spices, sprinkles & much more. (anything up to a 3mm particle) Excellent for Himalayan Salt, Chia Seeds & Hemp Seeds.

A modern, classy design with an easy grip. No challenging grinding mechanism.

Made from top quality, commercial grade BPA Free Tritan, with a premium quality plated lid that won’t easily scratch.

There is a hole at the top of the shaker, you just can't see it, so keep Cubby Shaker upright at all times to seal against moisture, insects and spillage. 

Check out this video of a demonstration

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Buy our recommended textures of Himalayan Salt and Aussie Pepper.

Perfect textures to use in Cubby Shakers.   


They taste delicious!

More About Cubby Shakers

The Cubby Rebound Shaker was invented by Sharyn Cook who lives on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.


My hope is to make Cubby Shakers available to everyone, for the purpose of successfully dispensing unrefined table salt.

My mission is to encourage people to eat healthy food. And take responsibility for your own healthy body and lifestyle.

Choose fresh, local, seasonal fruit & vegetables. Drink lots of water. Get a little exercise.

Enhance health benefits by choosing to use unrefined table Salt (for mineral replenishment and energising),

Also Fresh Pepper (to stimulate the digestive system).

Have you ever wondered why salt & pepper have, for centuries sat together on the dining table. ????

Fitting in with my Cubby theme, I have enjoyed designing a range of reusable, sustainable, (some recycled)

 handmade plant & produce bags, plant hangers, plus other useful household items.

Cubby Bags make it easy to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, 

And here is a fun way to share the love...why not grow some fruit and vegetables and share the harvest with family and friends.

Watch the video below for a demo on how to use Cubby Shakers. 

And be sure to check out all of the Cubby Products on my shopping page.   Be Cool...S :-)


What Our Customers Say

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Viv Friend

"I love Cubby Shakers they are amazing and easy to use and the Salt and Pepper is delicious. The Nepalese pepper is surprisingly flavoursome and brings the essence of Nepal to the table".
Viv Friend - LOT104 Restaurant Mooloolaba, Australia

Erich thumbnail.jpg

Erich Stark

"Best Looking Shakers ever ! Love the shape curves transparency in addition to the practical function".
Erich Stark - Alexandra Headlands, Australia

Wendy Robertson thumbnail.jpg

Wendy Robertson

"I have been using these cute little, awesome innovative shakers and they are fantastic, delivers just the right amount and they look so great on the table".
Wendy Robertson - Maroochydore, Australia