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We've Redesigned the Humble
Salt Shaker
with a Clever
  New Concept. 

Cubby Rebound Shaker 2.0


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Cubby Shakers on cork bases eliminate issues of moisture and clumping.

The hole is inside of the shaker. Ingredients stay fresh, dry and insect free.

A simple rebound technique offers an option to using grinding mechanisms.

Simply shake up and down, not upside down.

The contents rebound off the top of the jar, and fall down through the funnel, onto the plate.

CUBBY SHAKERS are suitable for dispensing fine to granular textures of

salt, pepper, seeds, spices, sprinkles & more. Up to 2 - 3mm textures.

Our Cubby Funnel and Cork Bases are Made in Australia.

Watch our demonstration videos.

Click on this link to watch us on the Channel 7  Sunrise Morning Show.


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