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Timur Nepalese Sichuan Black Pepper

Timur Nepalese Sichuan Black Pepper is a gourmet ground black pepper that goes great on fish, pasta, noodles and most other Asian dishes.

Non irradiated and organically grown, it is sourced in the North West region of Nepal by women who pick it in the higher altitudes of both the Middle East and the West Zones of the Himalayas.

Boasting a unique aroma and flavour with slight citrus overtones, the pepper is not hot or pungent like black or white pepper. Or even chillies for that matter. But it nonetheless lifts any dish you add it too. Particularly when you put it in at the end of the cooking process.

Great for stimulating

your digestion and overall intestinal health this pepper is also an excellent source of Manganese and Vitamin K.

In addition it is also a good source of Copper, dietary Fibre, Iron, Chromium and Calcium.

As a natural preservative Timur Nepalese Sichuan Black Pepper also has a best before date of at least 3 years.

When placed in our humidity free Cubby Rebound Shakers they not only add a touch of class to your dinner table setting, but also a gourmet twist - or rather shake – to your food too.

Want to Buy Timur Nepalese Sichuan Black Pepper?

You can buy bulk bags of Nepalese Timur Sichuan Black Pepper from Cubby Shaker.

We also sell a wide range of other spices to go in our Cubby Shakers too. These include Himalayan Salt and Chia Seeds.

Orders are shipped via Australia Post and can be sent to any address in the country. This includes PO Boxes, as well also as business or residential addresses.

We can also send orders internationally.

Please Contact Us in the first instance for a quote on the cost of shipping, if this is something you are interested in.

Similarly please do the same if you are interested in buying the pepper wholesale.


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