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Could This Be the World’s First Humidity-Busting, Anti-Clogging Salt, Pepper & Spice Shaker?

The battle against humidity is REAL! And since you can’t just stick a few rice grains into a sea salt shaker to wage war against lumpy salt, you may continue to battle with the everyday reality of your own personal salt shaker Groundhog Day hell.

Short of buying every salt shaker available (to see which of them will give you the humidity-free tick of approval) you find yourself stuck in a loop, reliving the same annoying lumpy-salt scenario over and over again. Millions of people worldwide deal with this scenario on a daily basis but no one has found a solution that lasts yet.

The truth is: commercially sold salt & pepper shakers are expensive and loathsome. Aside from costing you an arm (and half a leg), they don’t work that well. I’ve tried dozens of these and have never found a viable solution that gives me 100% usage 100% of the time. NEVER.

These shakers come in all forms and shapes but generally have the following in common:

  • Expensive to buy with no refill option. Which means I am forced to buy a new one every couple of months. Those bills DO add up, trust me.

  • Get clogged up due to humidity and so become useless.

  • The mechanism malfunctions and stops working.

  • Hard to handle for children and older people with rheumatism.

  • A hassle to deal with at the best of times but annoying when I want to sit down and enjoy my meal and then it stops working.

Commercially bought shakers always fail me right when I need them to work best. If you live in a humid area (I do) you can probably relate to my salty frustration woes.

If not, I want you to picture this for a moment...

You sit down for dinner, eagerly looking forward to a delicious meal. You like a good sprinkling of salt & pepper, so you grab the shaker in anticipation of your first properly seasoned bite, but... nothing happens.

The salt shaker is once again… clogged up!

You have two options:

  1. Eat a bland meal that tastes like nothing, which is not really an option because you just invested a good amount of time preparing your meal…

  2. Go back to the kitchen and rummage for that bag of sea salt you know is in there… somewhere. Only problem: by the time you sit down to properly season and enjoy your meal the food has gone cold.

Your frustration with expensive salt & pepper shakers that don’t work—ends here!

Thanks to the Cubby Rebound Shaker™ you never have to worry about humidity again!

I have scoured the shops and supermarkets of the world for a solution to the pesky humidity problem in salt shakers and found nothing that worked for me long term:

  • Rice grains may work in table salt shakers, but it isn’t a long term solution and since I prefer sea salt this is a no go.

  • I don’t have the time, energy or desire to dry out my lumpy sea salt in the oven because I do have a life outside of the kitchen.

  • I’m not particularly fond of visiting high-end restaurants (or any restaurant), paying top dollars, only to see salt shakers stuffed with rice grains. Eek! Seriously not cool.

So I’ve conceptualised a solution that works! My concept is founded on a very ancient model of a salt shaker made out of clay. It looked like a pet rock, and had a small inner funnel. And I figured, if it worked for people back in the old ages, it sure will work for us with a modern spin.

And after spending years tinkering with the idea and concept I’m finally ready to introduce you to the world’s first humidity-busting, anti-clogging salt, pepper & spice shaker...

The Cubby Rebound Shaker™

The Cubby Rebound Shaker™ is the 2016 answer for salt, pepper and spice aficionado because the vessel is guaranteed to be…

  • Moisture proof.

  • Classy looking on restaurant tables.

  • Easy to refill.

  • Long lasting (forget challenging or expensive grinding mechanisms).

  • Child and Elderly friendly.

The concept is simple, yet genius!

Cubby shakers work differently. You screw off the lid and fill them from the top (around the funnel inside).

Then when you’re ready for some action you simply shake them up and down. The contents rebound off the top of the lid, and come out through the bottom of the funnel. Voilà!

What’s with the name?

Friends have asked me; why did you call it a “Cubby” shaker? In searching for a viable name for this invention I stumbled across this description by the dictionary, “A small storage compartment.”

Upon seeing it I was like, “Yep. Cubby shaker it is and so, the Cubby Rebound Shaker™ was born.

Where can I buy a Cubby Rebound Shaker™?

To bring this amazing tool into your kitchen, order your own Cubby Rebound Shaker™ at to end your salt shaker humidity woes FOR GOOD!