Vertical plant hangers offer a great way to put a few herbs at your fingertips in the kitchen. Hang them inside or outside. They look great filled with flowers, herbs succulents or what ever you fancy. 


The small $3 pots of herbs and flowers from your local nursery, markets and supermarkets slip perfectly into the pockets. I cut down the plastic liner they come in to waterproof, but any plastic bag or the base of a 2litre milk bottle will work to do this.  


Vertical plant hangers can also be used in other rooms of the house to store make up & brushes, stationary, and other nic nacks.


Size: Each segment measures 18cm x 15 cm pockets to hold up to a 11cm/4' plant pot.


Total length: approx 1 metre


Materials:  Hessian and jute webbing


Designed by Sharyn Cook.

Handmade on the Sunshine Coast in Australia by Sharyn & her team of sewers.

CUBBY #1 Vertical Plant Hanger - 3 x 11cm/4" pot size pockets


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