Is this Australia's best Nut Cracker??? We think so.


You have the option to purchase:


Option 1. An Australian Nut Cracker $50.00


Option 2. 500g Super Crunchy Macadamia Nuts $7.00


Option 3. An Australian Nut Cracker ($50.00), in a Cubby Gift Bag ($12.00), with 500g of Super Crunchy Macadamia Nuts ($7.00) RRP Total = $72.00


*Cubby Gift Hamper Price = $65.00


Designed and made by Nigel Anthony, The Eumundi Market Nutcracker Man.


How to use the Nut Cracker

1. Insert a macadamia nut in the rubber sleeve. The rubber will open wider to take a larger nut - even a walnut.


2. Hit the nut on the steel surface provided, or another hard surface (eg. house brick or concrete)


3. Push the wire on the back of the cracker to eject the nut. Ensure all shell is removed before inserting the next nut.


Getting the best out of your 'Australian Nut Cracker"


4. Don't strike the hitting block while it is resting on a hard surface. The block is designed to be hand-held for optimal performance. Rest the block on a soft surface if you prefer not to hold it. Resting it directly on a hard surface will make excessive noise and recude performance (ie. it will not absorb the shock).


5. Always use nuts that are properly dried. If the kernel is sticking to the inside of the shell then the nut can do with a little more drying. Hanging small quantities of nuts in mush bags (easy airflow) out of direct sunlight is the preferred mithod. This will often take five weeks from the time the nuts are gathered from under the tree. Remove husks before attempting to dry. 


6. Use hammer sith a short, sharp blow. If the shell is cracked, but not enough for the kernel to be easily removed then put the nut back in the sleeve and give it one or more light taps.


7. Store inside. Store the rubber in the dark. This protects the rubber from UV light. 


Remember - most important thing of all - Have Fun.

Australia's Best Nut Cracker

Australian Nut Cracker

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